A household name among south Texas inshore anglers, Shoalwater Boats builds 5 models of center console, tunnel-hull catamarans that are fast, skinny, versatile, and extremely fishable. In the past decade, Florida fishermen have discovered that Shoalwaters are just as well suited to our own flats and bays as to the expansive shallows of the Texas lagoons.

All Shoalwaters come standard with a hydraulic jackplate and are available with several console options, including a raised console for better visibility and added fuel and storage capacity. These ultra-shallow tunnel designs are an ideal match for the light weight and low-end torque of E-TEC outboards.

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S16/19 Cat

The 16'4" S16 and 19'4" S19 share the same hull design, same 7'10" beam, and same 6" draft. Their low sides effectively reduce weight and windage while also making them easy to get into and out of for wadefishing. The S16 has a 4-person capacity and runs well with 75 to 90 hp engines, while the S19 holds 5 adults and is suited for 90 to 150 hp.

Shoalwater S16 Cat

Shoalwater S19 Cat

S20 Cat

New for 2016, the S20 Cat is 20'4" long with a 7'10" beam but incorporates substantially higher sides for improved open-water comfort. Designed to perform with a 130 to 150 hp engine, the S20 draws just 6" of water yet has a 6-person capacity.


Shoalwater S20 Cat


S21/23 Cat

With a racing pedigree, the 8'8" wide hull shared by the S21 and S23 runs about 60 mph with a 200 hp engine, although the S21 can handle up to 250 hp and the S23 can be rigged with up to 300 hp. Both models float in about 8" of water and run comfortably in less. The S21 has an 8-person capacity, while the S23 can carry 9. That capacity, combined with their outstanding stability and wide beam, makes them excellent guide boats. It also makes them almost as good for family fun as they are for fishing.

Shoalwater S21 Cat

Shoalwater S23 Cat